At Technik Haus we believe that design integrity and substance is achieved through constructive thinking and the ability to really listen to what clients want, whilst adapting to their specialised needs.

Technik Haus is a specialised team that bring together a wide range of abilities and ideas and are enthusiastic about the challenges of every project.

Experience is carried forward from one project to the next, the team constantly evolving and developing its visual and technological base. The aim of aesthetic and physical longevity predominates. Each project is developed as a totality, a work of art.

At Technik Haus there is an understanding that the process of design is as much about constructing relationships as it is about design excellence. These  qualities create accomplished design, collaboration, professional integrity, creativity, pride and commitment.

The success of Technik Haus is a testament to its unique personal service and reputation on delivering high quality design and planning solutions.